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A Quick Introduction

About Me:

 Hi! My name is Miranda Herring. I'm a Holistic Health Coach, having graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Prior to that, I worked as an LPN for 14 years and am still licensed. I changed career tracks when I developed an autoimmune disease that made floor nursing impossible. Now I use my nursing knowledge as well as all I've learned from managing my illness and my training in integrative nutrition to help my clients as well. I am passionate about real foods, intuitive eating, body positivity, and body neutrality

Private Coaching

My primary offering is private coaching via Skype or FaceTime. I am flexible with times I am available and can work with most schedules. Message me if you are interested at and we can set up a free consultation!

6 Month Group Program

I'm offering a 6 month group program starting in January via Skype. I'll be talking about Geneen Roth's When You Eat At The Refrigerator, Pull Up A Chair and Alex Jamieson's Women, Food, and Desire. We'll be focusing on intuitive eating, healthy body image, and whole foods. Message me for more information at

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